Taking action towards sustainable development by 

empowering women for the future of work.

Accelerated Career Growth

Experiential Learning from Global Experts

We invest in the future
through women

Our guiding belief is that women thrive in the presence of equal opportunities and safe environments which translates to solid and sustainable global systems.

Our Vision


Transform 1 million high-potential professionals by 2050 with essential skills for the future of work.


Reach 50 developing countries
within Africa and Asia.

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Achieve 90% success rate for
accelerated career growth.

Gain insights from our Conversations

Whatever stage of your career journey, there is a learning curve for everyone. Listen to insightful conversations from industry experts.

Industry Webinar Series

The BMGA Industry Webinar Series is for individuals who seek to supercharge their careers through the development of essential soft skills required to thrive and scale up in their industry.

Leadership Speakers Series S2

With each episode in season two, there are deep insights shared by leaders such as Oulimata Sarr, Vivi Galani, Bankole Wellington, and Natalie Kernisant that span across entrepreneurship, entertainment, and history.

Leadership Speakers Series S1

Throughout the first season, Gbemisola Abudu engages in impactful conversations with global thought leaders who are shaping and defining their respective industries such as Mo Abudu, Acha Leke, Masai Ujiri, and Christian Busch.

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We share educational content for the socio-economic development of the woman.

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We work with some of the best organizations across the world to deliver impact.

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