The 2021 Going Global Conference for leaders in international education held from 15-17 June 2021 and BMGA presented a poster on how tertiary institutions should place emphasis on teaching soft skills that are necessary for the future of work.

Lagos, Nigeria – BMGA was selected by British Council, an international organization that builds connections, understanding and trust between people in the UK and other countries through arts and culture, education and the English language, to present a poster at the 2021 Going Global Conference which held from 15-17 June 2021.

Going Global is a conference for leaders in international education to debate the future of further and higher education. It provides an avenue for knowledge exchange, sharing research and analysis that support the development of evidence-led policy, building a global network for policy-makers and practitioners working in the field of international education, and supporting global thought leadership.

In line with the theme for the 2021 conference titled ‘Reimagining International Tertiary Education for a Post-Pandemic World’, BMGA was selected to present a poster on ‘Soft Skills and the Future of Education.’ The presenter, Ms Gbemisola Abudu, was chosen alongside Professors, research experts, and academic institutions across the world due to our scientific approach to deploying soft skills for the future of work. 

The poster focused on how the COVID-19 pandemic revealed that customary educational methods had not equipped students with essential soft skills that would enable them to manage stress, isolation, and other unexpected circumstances. It further proposed that courses on soft skills can be embedded into the strict curricula of tertiary institutions through collaboration with third-party organizations which would deploy online-based soft skills courses on topics such as emotional intelligence and critical thinking. This method will not only help students learn soft skills that are important for the future of work, but it will also make digitalization a familiar concept for lifelong technological knowledge.

About BMGA Foundation

BMGA Foundation is a non-profit organization that is focused on creating equitable and productive work environments. We deploy initiatives that are centred on inclusivity and gender equity in the business environment. 

Through advocacy and our capacity-building programs that narrow the skills gap, we effectively address challenges that limit women from being active contributors to the GDP of their immediate environments. 

Using a methodology rooted in the science of learning and behaviour, our capacity-building programs are created and deployed to align with how the human brain gathers, retains and recalls information. We partner with industry experts and professors from renowned institutions to deliver high-quality education to individuals in Africa and Asia. These engagements occur via virtual technological tools, such as the BMGA e-learning platform to enable efficient delivery. 


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