Lagos, Nigeria – BMGA Foundation, a non-profit organization that is focused on creating equitable and productive work environments, continually seeks out ways to transform the productivity of professionals within the business environment through initiatives such as the BMGA Fellows Program and the BMGA Leadership Speakers Series.

Based on our research, two key barriers entry-level professionals face when venturing into the work environment are information overload and skills mismatch. To solve this problem, BMGA has designed a tailored webinar series that aims at offering undergraduate students and young professionals adequate knowledge of the essential soft skills required in their industries of interest that are independent of their technical expertise and rank high on employers’ entry-level requirements.

During each one-day industry-specific and moderator-led webinar, a panel of global experts will discuss in-depth their industry, and share insights about the challenges faced in the industry, the soft skills needed to thrive, and how each young professional can position themselves for success.

Gbemisola Abudu, Founder and Non-Executive Director of BMGA Foundation said “I am thrilled to see BMGA evolve in its resolution to transform professionals across the world through the development of essential soft skills. In particular, the BMGA Industry Webinar Series will utilize learnings from the Leadership Speakers Series as it channels its efforts towards specific industries of interest.”

About BMGA Foundation

BMGA Foundation is a non-profit organization that is focused on creating equitable and productive work environments. We deploy initiatives that are centred on inclusivity and gender equity in the business environment. 

Through advocacy and our capacity-building programs that narrow the skills gap, we effectively address challenges that limit women from being active contributors to the GDP of their immediate environments. 

Using a methodology rooted in the science of learning and behaviour, our capacity-building programs are created and deployed to align with how the human brain gathers, retains and recalls information. We partner with industry experts and professors from renowned institutions to deliver high-quality education to individuals in Africa and Asia. These engagements occur via virtual technological tools, such as the BMGA e-learning platform to enable efficient delivery. 


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