BMGA Foundation was birthed out of the desire to improve the marketability of human capital, with a specific focus on gender equity for sustainable economies. We have partnered with various renowned industry experts, professors, and institutions to provide access to social and marketing intelligence that increases the productivity of people and adequately equips them for the future of work. 

In particular, as a social impact initiative within BMGA Foundation, the BMGA Fellows Program which has spanned three cohorts since its inception aims to narrow the gender skills gap among professionals across the world, with a specific focus on marginalized communities in Africa and Asia.

Launched in 2020, with participants from Nigeria, we expanded our scope in 2021 to other African countries and had the first Pan-African cohort made up of individuals with keen interests in Business, Finance, Law, and STEM. So far, the impact of the program is already evident. Some of our Fellows, who are from over six (6) African countries, have already gained admissions with scholarships into top graduate schools in Hungary, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America e.g., Georgetown Law, the University of Cambridge, and the University of California, Berkeley. Others have received job offers from top law firms and tech companies (both domestic and international). 

For the 2022 cohort, the program was expanded to include participants from Asian countries in a bid to foster collaboration, diverse learning, and global relationships. This cohort consists of young women from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, and India who currently reside in ten countries across Africa, Asia, and Europe. 

Based on the strategically curated components of the BMGA Fellows Program, participants have been able to develop essential skills for the dynamic work environment of the future through courses on Business Etiquette, Business Writing, Emotional Intelligence, Story Intelligence, and African History, among others. Using the science of learning and behaviour, these skills have been developed via tools such as live classes, TED talks, and case studies. 

The BMGA Fellows Program has gained sponsorship and support from individuals within different institutions and corporate organizations such as Giants of Africa, Association of Commonwealth Universities, Rungas Group, African Society of Cambridge University, Imperial College Business School, University College London, UN Women, Gallup, American Express, EI Skills Group, Story Work International, Thunderbird School of Global Management, Femme Minty, ETH Zurich, and the University of Oxford.

Our impact report provides an overview of the growth trajectory of the BMGA Foundation since its inception, with emphasis on the achievements of the BMGA Fellows Program. This way, our partners and other stakeholders can be abreast of the wide-reaching impact that we have made.

As we reflect on the exceptional results produced by employees of the BMGA Foundation and its partners, they continually create a baseline for our future goals as a non-profit organization. Thus, we look forward to championing more engagements that enable gender equity within the global work environment.

Download the full report here!