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The BMGA Leadership Speakers Series Podcast provides university students and young professionals with the opportunity to hear great leaders share their career path and leadership journey of triumphs and challenges. Our listeners will learn and develop an understanding of leadership and the fundamental skills that shaped leaders into who they are today. We hope the lessons from the podcast helps to foster and nurture the leadership potential of the next generation of leaders.

Listen to episodes from the two seasons of the
BMGA Leadership Speakers Series Podcast.

Leadership Speakers Series S2

With each episode in season two, there are deep insights shared by leaders such as Oulimata Sarr, Vivi Galani, Bankole Wellington, and Natalie Kernisant that span across entrepreneurship, entertainment, and history.

Leadership Speakers Series S1

Throughout the first season, Gbemisola Abudu engages in impactful conversations with global thought leaders who are shaping and defining their respective industries such as Mo Abudu, Acha Leke, Masai Ujiri, and Christian Busch.

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The BMGA Industry Webinar Series is designed as a moderator-led engagement where a panel of global experts discuss in-depth their industry, share insights about the challenges faced in the industry, soft skills needed to thrive, and how each young professional can position themselves for success.

Using a platform that enables individuals to network with other attendees from different countries, the experience propels them to supercharge their careers as they scale up in their industry.

In this inaugural episode, our intergenerational panel delve into the legal industry to
dig up relevant soft skills that will push you to the zenith of your career.

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